Tintagel Castle

Tintagel Castle Birthplace, in legend of King Arthur. This 12th century impregnable stronghold stands on the North Cornwall coast. Step back in time and soak up the atmosphere of this impressive site with it’s spectacular coastal scenery. Listen to the stories that captivated medieval England and gave rise to the age of chivalry. Learn of the latest archaeological discoveries and how they have shaped our understanding of a sight which was an important stronghold and trading place in post Roman Britain.

Walk across Tintagel Castle’s new 4 million pound bridge which is an engineering marvel and affords spectacular views of the cliffs. If the tide is right you can walk through Merlin’s cave beneath the castle for a magical experience!

Tintagel Post office

Take a tour through this quaint village which was formally known as Trevena. Visit the many gift shops and why not have a traditional Cornish cream tea in one of its many cafes.

Visit the Tintagel Post Office which was formally a 14th century manor house and served as the village post office from 1870.

Why not visit the King Arthur Hall in Tintagel an Historic building of the 1930s which pays homage to the Legend of King Arthur.

Why not make it a full day?

Boscastle Village Cornwall

Visit Boscastle site of the dramatic flood in 2004 when 130 vehicles were washed away and sixty buildings damaged. Miraculously no lives were lost and over a hundred residents were winched by helicopter to safety. This sheltered port was important in the export of tin, copper and slate until the coming of the railway. take a stroll to its 16th century harbour wall, listen to stories of Cornish wreckers and find the best place to see Profile Rock which resembles the profile of Queen Victoria.